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Sicily, Aeolian Islands, Aegadian Islands, Taormina

Q: How do I rent a boat?

A: Contact us with your request, which should include the following information:
- Type of boat: sailboat, luxury sailing yacht, catamaran, rib, gulet, motorboat, powerboat
- Crew: bareboat or with skipper and/or hostess
- Number of guest, cabins, wc
- Dates requested
- Destination: Aeolian, Aegadian, Taormina, Sicily, other
- Budget
Look at the boat details on the website to see the price ranges and remember that the highest prices in the Mediterranean will be in August, and in the Caribbean in December and January. If you are interested in an economic charter we recommend May-June or September-October for the Mediterranean and March and April for the Caribbean or the Canary Islands.

Q: When is the best period to rent a boat in Sicily, Italy?

A: The charter season in Sicily starts around Easter and ends in November. The boat prices are divided into three seasons: low, medium, high.
Low season: March, April, May, October, November
We recommend visiting Sicily during the low season (spring and fall) because you will pay much less for the boat rental and the anchorages and marinas will be quiet and more economical. The daily temperatures (min-max) range from 11-18°C in March to 16-22°C in May, and 18-23°C in October to 14-19°C in November. The highest precipitation is recorded in the fall (more than 90mm/month) followed by the spring (about 60mm/month). Water temperature is less than 20°C, with the exception of October, where the water is still warm enough for comfortable swimming.
Medium season: June, July, September
Yacht prices are still affordable in this season, yet expect to pay more for marinas and there will be other boats and tourists. Daily average temperatures will be above 20°C. July has the lowest average precipitation (5mm/month), less than August. Temperatures occasionally rise above 40°C when the winds arrive from the South. These southerly winds, called "Scirocco", are hot, dry, loaded with desert dust and ash from Etna, and can cause unstable rainy weather. Water temperature is above 20°C.
High season: August
Most Italians take the entire month of August for Holiday. Prices are expensive for everything, and everywhere is very crowded. In addition, it is hot and the weather is unstable. Temperatures occasionally rise above 40°C during "Scirocco" winds. Water temperature is above 25°C.

Q: Do I need to have a sailing license?

A: In Italy, we are required to respect the regulations of the client's place of residence. Hence, if your country of residence requires that residents have a sailing license for bareboat rental, you will be required to have a license to rent bareboat in Italy and you will need to provide a photocopy of a valid sailing license at the time of the booking. If you are from a country that does not require a sailing license, for certain boats all the is necessary is for your sailing resume to be approved for bareboat rental. However, for most of the boats indicated on our website a certificate or license is required anyway by the insurance company.

Q: Is it okay to have small children on board?

A: Il Miglio Blue is a strong supporter of children onboard. Our staff has seen children as young as 2 years old enjoy a boating holiday. However, not all skippered yachts allow children. If you are planning to cruise with children please let us know during your initial request.

Q: What type of boat should I rent?

A: There are many ways to explore the waters of Sicily, Italy, by sailboat, catamaran, RIB, Turkish Gulet, or by Motoryacht. Which type of yacht is best for you depends on how you want to spend your vacation and with whom you are travelling:
Sailboats are recommended for those with sailing experience and those interested in learning how to sail. The Aeolian Islands are famous for their winds, and a sailboat rental can be an exciting experience. Luxury sailing yachts are available with private WCs for each cabin, separate crew cabins, air conditioning and generator.
Catamarans are recommended for those new to sailing, families, and large groups. CATs have larger living areas and more deck area. They are more stable than sailing boats, and don't heel during navigation nor rock when at anchor. Larger CATs have private WCs for each cabin, and separate crew cabins, and are equipped with air conditioning and generator
RIBs, or Rigid Inflatable boats, are ideal for those interested in diving or sleeping in hotels and spending the day out on the water.
Turkish Gulets are perfect for multiple families or large groups interested in being together in one yacht. Each cabin has a private bathroom, the crew sleep in separate crew quarters, and there is ample living space and deck area. The Gulets are rented with Captain, hostess, and sailor and you can expect spectacular Sicilian Cuisine. Luxury Gulets are equipped with air conditioning and generators.
Motoryachts are fast, luxurious, and offer 5 star service with Captain and Hostess.
There are also boats available for cabin charter or for events and parties.

Contact us for an offer, when applicable boats have special discounts for "early booking", "last minute", or multiple weeks.