Milazzo Sicily Aeolian Mediterranean sailing experiences:

It was fantastic, everything perfect. We will definitely contact you in the future. Thank you. Umberto (Oceanis 45 – Base: Portorosa, Itinerary: Aeolian Islands – August 2018)

We had such a good week sailing the eolian islands. The boat was as expected, in good conditions and clean. We were very lucky with our Skipper, he made our vacations unforgettable. The only thing i can give you as a feedback is that small things such as clothes pegs or loungers for the deck were not available on the boat, which we had on other boats. Everything else was great. Thank you a lot Zivana (Lagoon 400 – Base: Tropea, Itinerary: Aeolian Islands – July 2018)

I have to say we had a great time and the services offered even from the base of Trapani were perfect. We will definitely contact you for the next holiday in Sicily. See you soon and good sailing Claudio (Sun Odyssey 409 – Base: Trapani, Itinerary: Aegadian Islands – July 2018)

The boat holiday went very well. We visited Lipari, Panarea, Vulcano and went around Stromboli. There was almost no wind on the last 4 days and we used the motor - and those days the anchorages and moorings were very calm. We were very pleased with the boat and the team at the base of Portorosa. The comunication with Il MIGLIO BLUE was excellent and professional. Good sailing to everyone, Antonio (Oceanis 38 – Base: Portorosa, Itinerary: Aeolian Islands – July 2018)

The holiday was perfect, and well organized. Just a little short. Thanks, Roberto (Oceanis 48 – Base: Portorosa, Itinerary: Aeolian Islands – July 2018)

We had a magnificent holiday on the oceanis 393 most of all thanks to the skipper that was very professional, even though there was bad weather at the beginning of the week. He was always very careful and his great knowledge of the islands helped make the best out of every situation in all weather conditions. He was kind and discreet and good travel company. Thanks to Cristian too, who was always available. Kind regards, see you soon Nello (Oceanis Clipper 393 - Milazzo - June 2018)

Great organization and great boat and great staff. Thank you! Andrea (Sun Odyssey 449 – Base: Trapani, Itinerary: Aegadian Islands – June 2018)

We had the BEST time....the crew was amazing, the boat too, we won't forget this! Thanks so much. Hugo” (Caicco Tersane IV – Base: Palermo – Maggio 2018)

The charter went very well, I had never been to the Aegadian Islands and I was impressed, the period was perfect, it went well, we also did excursions on land and navigated around the islands, except Marettimo, where we rented a local boat. I was really impressed with Levanzo. The boat was very comfortable and it allowed us to get in some nice sailing. The base manager was very careful to detail and kind. Final vote 9. Until next time, hopefully soon, kind regards and thank you Secondo (Sun Odyssey 449 – Base: Trapani, Itinerary: Aegadian Islands – August 2017)

The holiday is now an old memory and we are all back to work. The experience on the boat was fantastic, crew professional and very poliet, excellent cook and relaxing itinerary. The only advice is to add more fans in the cabins for the evenings by anchor. That said, it was a very positive experience that we hope to repeat soon. Regards Laura e Simone (Osman Aga – Base: Lipari, Itinerary: Aeolian Islands – August 2017)

My impressions of the boat, along with the other crew members, was very positive regarding the entire holiday, perfect welcome, the staff were always available to help us in any way, the boat was practical considering it is a charter boat. Well, we will definitely return to visit your island because it has incredible natural beauty and also for the pleasure to speak with people who are very kind and helpful. See you soon Dino (Oceanis 38 – Base: Portorosa, Itinerary: Aeolian Islands – August 2017)

The boat and skipper were good. Kind regards Matteo (Sun Odyssey 349 – Base: Trapani, Itinerary: Aegadian Islands – August 2017)

I have to say everything went well. The staff at the base was very welcoming and professional, perfect score for everything. Thank you, regards Alessio (Dufour 310 – Base: Palermo, Itinerary: Aegadian Islands – August 2017)

Well, thank you for a perfect week. Boat, Sea and skipper TOP. Thank you. Keep up the good work........ We will be in touch, Gabriele (Sun Odyssey 449 – Base: Trapani, Itinerary: Aegadian Islands – August 2017)

First experience..fantastic! Overall, both the part regarding the reservation as well as the boat rental were perfect. New boat in perfect condition, clean and both sails and motor worked well. The base staff that did the check-in and check-out were very kind and available to reply to my questions both before the departure as well as during the charter, giving us a lot of useful advice about the itinerary to follow. We highly recommend Il Miglio Blue. Kind regards, Luca (Sun Odyssey 349 – Base: Trapani, Itinerary: Aegadian Islands – August 2017)

The week went well even though the weather and the waves were not calm. The skipper was very capable, and included us in the boat tasks and was great company. The entire group got allong and made the holiday very pleasant. The hike up the volcano Stromboli was incredible and moving as were also the hikes up Vulcano and Fossa delle Felci. Overall, a great holdiay of Sea and Mountains. Send our regards to the skipper. Andrea e Alessandra (Cabin Charter - Sun Odyssey 45 – Base: Portorosa, Itinerary: Aeolian Islands – July 2017)

Beautiful holiday, everything went well and your services were perfect!! Thanks a million, Giovanni (Oceanis 48 – Base: Portorosa, Itinerary: Aeolian Islands – July 2017)

Everything was very beautiful. The skipper was excellent, the hostess kind, the boat new, and the scenery splendid. Thank you, Jonathan (Oceanis 41.1 – Base: Portorosa, Itinerary: Aeolian Islands – July 2017)

Everything positive, thank you. I hope to be back soon, for my next holiday :) Alessandro (Dufour 455 – Base: Marsala, Itinerary: Aegadian Islands – July 2017)

I am pleased to communicate that the holiday was fantastic. Everything was ok: the catamaran, the skipper, the hostess and the Sea. Kind regards, Pietro (Lagoon 450 – Base: Milazzo, Itinerary: Aeolian Islands – July 2017)

Thank you, everything went very well, the skipper and hostess were impeccable, the boat was simple but spacious, we'll be in touch. Riccardo (Dufour 500 – Base: Marsala, Itinerary: Aegadian Islands – July 2017)

Everything went smoothly, thank you, as we already mentioned to the base manager at the check-out, we were very pleased with how everything was organized, the staff whom were all very kind and competent and with the cleaning and maintenence of the boat. There was only a small problem with the propeller that we indicated to the base manager (the boat has a folding propeller that is slower than a normal propeller when switching into reverse). However, overall we are very satisfied with our first experience with your company, and if we decide to return we will definitely contact you first, our kindest regards, Virgilio (Sun Odyssey 409 – Base: Portorosa, Itinerary: Aeolian Islands – July 2017)

The experience was very positive. The boat was in perfect condition and very comfortable. The base manager Roland was very kind and always available. Thank you, we will recommend this holiday to family and friends. Deborah (Sun Odyssey 33 – Base: Portorosa, Itinerary: Aeolian Islands – July 2017)

It was a fabulous experience and the archipelago was very interesting, in particular because we had very nice weather. Everyone was very pleased and we hope to return one way or another in the future. Thank you very much for your excellent services. Kind regards, Jordi (Bavaria 51 – Base: Portorosa, Itinerary: Aeolian Islands – June 2017)

We had a fabulous day .. everything was perfect. Thanks for your attention. Best Regards, Evanildo (Compass Rose 50 – Base: Portorosa, Itinerario: Aeolian Islands – June 2017)

Briefly, I appreciated all your quick and precise communications in relation to chartering the yacht. I found you to be very helpful in answering all my initial questions and requests for additional information. Being able to change the normal charter start date - and subsequent extra 2 days - in order to accommodate our particular travel plans was a bonus and made a big difference to what we were able to see and do. On arrival at Portoroso we found the base manager to be very welcoming and he managed to explain the workings of the boat despite his limited English and my very poor Italian. The boat was presented very favourably and the preordered groceries were all loaded ready to go. We very much enjoyed our time aboard Sambosò and found her to be a very comfortable and easily managed yacht. It was the first time that I had sailed a yacht with a bow thruster and it certainly made it very easy to manoeuver. All five of us greatly enjoyed the experience of cruising the Aeolian Islands. Your pilot guide was extremely helpful and is a great keepsake - worth every euro. It was my first experience at chartering a yacht having only ever cruised with friends on their or my own yacht. As a result of it being such a positive experience I have written to an editor of an Australian Cruising magazine. I am happy to have a go at writing an article and mentioning the services of il Miglio Blue. Again I would like to thank you very much for your patience and terrific assistance. Warm regards, Ian (Elan Impression 434 – Base: Portorosa, Itinerary: Aeolian Islands – June 2017)

What can I say......everything was ok! I would give the boat 8/10, clean and in good condition with new equipment and well maintained. The motor was not used much but was perfect, no problems. The base manager was very kind at the check-in and check-out and available for every question and request for information even during the week and was very knowledgeable, a great addition to our holiday that made everything flow smoothly. Regards, Federico (Sun Odyssey 349 – Base: Trapani, Itinerary: Aegadian Islands – June 2017)

The holiday was overall splendid for many reasons. The skipper was very kind and competent. Highly recommended. Thank you, Isabella (Oceanis Clipper 393 - Milazzo - June 2017)

I have just concluded a 7 night cruise of the Aeolian Islands on the gulet Tersane IV arranged through Cristian at Il Miglio. I have no hesitation at all in recommending both the services of Il Miglio as the charter company or the Tersane IV. I initially sought boat options from 4-5 charter companies, several of whom offered the same gulet we ultimately chartered. I very quickly decided that I would choose Il Miglio as Cristian was responsive and very easy to deal with (answering many questions via emails and providing references). He provided a very professional service covering additional items such as our transfers before and after. In terms of the selection of a gulet we could not have been happier! We had previously chartered a gulet on the Amalfi Coast for a group of 10, and this time needed a gulet for 12. The previous experience was great and would take some living up to. We were not disappointed. The boat itself was very comfortable with slightly larger cabins than the previous time. It was well equipped with leisure options - a 2 person kayak, fishing and snorkelling equipment which we used. But these holidays depend upon the interaction with the crew. The Tersane IV was captained by Gaspar (I might not have the spelling correct?). Tano was his first mate and Salvatore was the onboard chef. We could not have been happier with this group of guys who all seemed to genuinely enjoy their own company and work and did everything within their power to make our holiday a special one. The captain was very flexible and accommodating in terms of the itinerary, but also balanced this appropriately with considerations for our safety and comfort. Tano as the one with the best English language skills became our virtual organiser making all the necessary on shore bookings for activities and restaurants. Salvatore ensured that we were well fed (in fact too well fed!!), even catering for special requests. But the best part was way these guys joined in the fun - the crew made our holiday the best it could have been. So in summary I recommend... 1. A gulet holiday on the Aeolian Islands. 2. A booking via Il Miglio Blue. 3. The Tersane IV as the gulet of choice. Mark (Tersane IV – Base: Milazzo, Itinerary: Aeolian Islands – May 2017)

The charter was fabulous! You set us up to have a successful trip and we did. We've chartered all over and only in the last couple of years in Europe. Everything about it, from my interactions with you to our arrival at the marina, was professional and friendly. I was of course disappointed not to meet you (Cristian), but your representatives would have made you proud! There were a couple of ladies that made the transition to boarding easy. I'm sure you've heard this before, but the base manager is a STAR! We were just one charter of many and he treated us like we were the only one. I can't say enough about him. Professional but friendly. Funny. All the ladies thought he was cute... The boat was flawless. The only issues were of our own making (there was a kink in the outside shower hose that we missed, so it went unused). Everyone was comfortable and there was plenty of room for eight adults to spread out in. It was a trip of a lifetime and it meant a lot to work with such professionals! I would recommend your group to everyone. I hope to return... All my best, Poppy Meehan (Lagoon 450 – Base: Portorosa, Itinerary: Aeolian Islands – May 2017)

The experience was very positive The base manager was great, professional and always available. The boat was perfect, everything worked and it was in good condition. We didn't have any problems. We hope to be back to enjoy the beautiful waters of Sicily in the future. Kind regards Maurizio (Bavaria 32 – Base: Trapani, Itinerary: Aegadian Islands – April 2017)

As I already mentioned after my previous charters, your kindness, availability and the attention to detail from the first email to the last one, as well as during the weekend, were all exceptional. For these reasons I always use your company for charter rentals in the area of Marsala and surroundings. Here are some photos...Thanks Francesco (Sun Odyssey 45 – Base: Marsala, Itinerary: Aegadian Islands – October 2016)

sun odyssey 45 marsala barca a vela vacanza egadi

THANK you for a well organised trip and all the preparatory work we had a great time :) //Henrik (Sun Odyssey 42i – Base: Riposto - October 2016)

I can mention quickly that the boat was in great condition, clean and everything worked. Your services as Broker were excellent and the destination where we sailed was incredible. Only problem was there was too little wind... but you can't have everything. Kind regards, Flavio (Elan Impression 434 – Base: Portorosa, Itinerary: Aeolian Islands - September 2016)

It was a perfect weekend, and thanks exclusively to your services that were more than perfect in every detail. From the transfer to the RIB rental, everything was punctual and super clean. I couldn't have asked for more, given I was organizing a weekend from more than 1000 km away. I will recommend Il Miglio Blue in the future to all my friends. Antonello (Clubman 26 - Vulcano - September 2016)

I would like to take the opportunity to send some "feedback" from us regarding the Charter with Il Miglio Blue. As I already mentioned in Milazzo, we were very pleased with the professional services and how the charter was organized. I personally really appreciated how fast you were to reply for any question we had. Even the boat was in excellent condition. Regarding the skipper Gianluca, we can only say that he was excellent. Not only regarding his knowledge in anything nautical, but also his ability to get everyone involved and share his passion for sailing. Gianluca was able to do the maneuvers while keeping calm and everyone safe. It would be my pleasure to recommend Il Miglio Blue to others and I will let you know if I will be back in Sicily. Kindest regards and see you soon. Sandro (Oceanis Clipper 393 - Milazzo - September 2016)

Everything was fine, nothing negative. If come back next year we will definitely contact you. Next time we want a catamaran. I will keep updated with your products and services, thank you. (Oceanis 45 - Portorosa - August 2016)

The client was very pleased, with the services and when possibile we will be in touch to offer your services to other clients. Good job. Sonia (Clubman 30 - Vulcano - August 2016)

The holiday went very well, the catamaran was in great condition and we were very comfortable. The best part was our skipper, Roland, a really wonderful person, professional and discreet. Ciao, Cristina (Lagoon 380 - Palermo - August 2016)

A very positive experience: the boat was clean, and everything worked and was in good condition thanks to the base manager Sparta. The hull was clean, the mainsail ok and the genoa like new. The motor was good, the windless ok, the refrigerator worked, the instruments worked (the gps was new), and the base at Trapani was ok. Overall a positive experience. Salvatore (Cyclades 43.4 - Trapani - August 2016)

This was a really positive experience. The boat was in perfect condition and the skipper was great: very professional and good company. Thanks a million Claudio (Dufour 460 - Palermo - August 2016)

I want to congratulate your company for your services that you offered and overall for the professional work ethnic and kindness of the skipper Gianluca. We were very pleased with him and want to thank him. The best skipper ever. Massimo (Oceanis Clipper 393 - Milazzo - August 2016)

We spent a week on board a Turkish Gulet in the Aeolian Islands, it was an unforgettable experience!! Great crew, perfect service always helpful and meeting our every request but at the same time discreet. From the precise work of the Hostess and the elaborate dishes to the very helpful and kind Captain who was always available for us. I will absolutely recommend this experience to our friends and anyone else who wants to visit these fabulous islands. Thank again, kind regards, the group from Brescia(Osman Aga - Lipari - August 2016)

Your services were great and very professional and the boat was nicer than the photos. A positive review from me. Kind regards, Paolo (Clubman 26 - Panarea - August 2016)

We had a fantastic holiday; thank you for connecting us with the boat and crew. Cristina, the capitano and Pietro were fantastic hosts. Cristina's food was beautiful, the boat was always immaculately clean and she was very good with our two boys, including looking after them while my wife and I climbed Stromboli. The capitano made sure we had an itinerary that worked perfectly for us - including getting us back to the marina on the last day in one piece in some pretty rough weather. We loved Sicily and the Aeolian Islands and if we make it back to your beautiful part of the world we will definitely look you up. Regards Nick (Compass Rose - Portorosa - July 2016)

Great experience thank you , both the skipper and hostess were very professional and kind. I hope to be back soon, Fabrizio (Aicon 64 - Riposto - July 2016)

Sailing through the Aoelian Islands was the absolute highlight of our European Summer vacation. The islands are stunning land masses that rise steeply about the deep blue waters. The towns on all of the islands are quaint, but energetic. Each town has its very own feel. unique to itself. The food everywhere is outstanding! Our family of four (kids are age 14 & 12) sailed with Cristian and Carolyn on a catamaran. The boat was fantastic. It was large and had plenty of room for all of us. It was perfect for our family which has not done much sailing. Cristian and Carolyn were great hosts. We would gladly do this trip again, and would recommend to anyone who is looking for a sailing vacation in Italy. Chris (Sailing Catamaran - Milazzo - July 2016)

Everything perfect! And we already miss it :) Gianluca was a perfect skipper, friendly, english speaker and with a deep knowledge of the area. Salvatore (Oceanis Clipper 393 - Milazzo - July 2016)

Now that I have returned from this fantastic holiday I have time to thank you for the perfect organization. We were very pleased and it was a very positive experience for all the participants in particular given that for everyone but myself this was their first time on a boat, it was a success...Our thanks to the skipper Gianluca who was perfect..he took us to beautiful places for swimming and was always calm and fun which was appreciated by everyone...what can I say more if not thanks again and I hope to see you soon for another boating adventure. Ciao, Giorgio (Oceanis Clipper 393 - Milazzo - July 2016)

The evening went perfectly! The boat was very beautiful and well maintained, better than I expected, and the Captain was very kind and friendly! All the guest were pleasantly surprised by the party. Thank again for everything Alda (Cizdaroglu – Base: Riposto - June 2016)

We had a great holiday and we returned safely. The Aeolian Islands are indeed a beautiful place. Overall the service we received has been great. The boat was a good boat that sailed well and had ample amenities. Tibor. (Elan Impression 434 – Base: Portorosa, Itinerary: Aeolian Islands – May 2016)

The holiday was very nice. The Captain and crew were very respectful and capable. The chef was excellent. We thank you and the crew. Antonina (Turkish Gulet Rex Siciliae - Base: Milazzo, Itinerary: Aeolian Islands - September 2015)

Please forgive me for not calling Girolamo to thank him for his professional work ethic and kindness, he is a fantastic base manager and man, the company was honest and hard working, thank you. Kind regards Enrico (Delphia 40 – Base: Marsala, Itinerary: Aegadian Islands – September 2015)

Boat: good quality-price aspect, considering thecomfort added by the length of the boat. Even though it was built in 2006, the boat is in excellent condition. The skipper was kind, nice and always available. Someone, you could tell, with experience both from the point of view of a sailor and as a skipper. Great itinerary. Almost always by motor because of the light winds. One afternoon we went sailing, with a good breeze. Kindest regards to everyone Roberto (Elan Impression 434 – Base: Portorosa, Itinerary: Aeolian Islands – September 2015)

A quick note to thank you for your help. We swam around Stromboli and Vulcano, it was an exceptional experience, inspirational. I have to say the crew was fantastic, I think they enjoyed the experience too. Ciao Jon (Turkish Gulet Kaptain YilmazStromboliPanarea- LipariVulcano – September 2015)

The holiday went well and I was very pleased with your organization, good job, thank you and I hope to see you again soon. I spoke with Giovanni Tropea (the base manager, very kind, poliet and always available) and I told him what I think could be done to make this boat even better, even though it isn't new. Kind regards, Walter (Elan Impression 434Portorosa – August 2015)

Our comments about your services and about the skipper could only be positive. Thank you for everything and I won't hesitate to recommend Il Miglio Blue to whomever wants to experience a sailboat holiday! Grazie Saluti Daniela (Cyclades 43.4Trapani – August 2015)

We just spent a week in the with 5 friends and our experience was truely wonderful. We were very lucky with the weather and with the skipper would was a very professional and knowledgable man who showed us the most amazing sights. I will definitely recommend this type of holiday in the future for other friends, and we are already planning our next holiday with Il Migio Blue to discover other amazing places. Giusy (Lagoon 410 - Milazzo - August 2015)

Everything was ok, it was a great experience, we did a nice tour of the Aeolian Islands. Thank you and our regards to the Captain. Filippo (Feretti 630 - Portorosa - August 2015)

Everything went well during the charter. The boat was ok, even though it was an older boat. Emanuele (Dufour 40 - Marsala - August 2015)

The experience was fantanstic. The tour was marvelous! Thank you for your help. I hope your season went well and I hope to work with you again in the future! Marina (Sun Odyssey 42i - Riposto - July 2015)

The RIB was ok and the base manager friendly and honest. I was pleased with your services. Ciao, Chris (RIB BSC 75 - Vulcano - July 2015)

I finally have a minute of free time to write my comment: - the boat, even though it didn't have many accessories (gps charter plotter would have been useful) was however in excellent condition, new and safely equipped for charter. Perfect for 2 people. The man who did the check-in was very professional. The islands were very beautiful, the regulations of the Egadi Marine Nature Reserve were very strictly enforced but with one payment we could use the mooring buoys for the week, even for overnight stays, and overall it was very convinient. Thank you for your assistance and I hope to use your services again in September. Kind regards, Serena (Bavaria 32 - Trapani - July 2015)

Our holiday was splendid! The crew was perfect, both the skipper and the hostess were very accomodating to our needs, most of all for those of our toddler. The catamaran was beautiful and in good condition and the itinerary took us to incredible sites! Truely unforgettable! Thanks for everything! Elena (Lagoon 440 - San Vito lo Capo - July 2015)

This experience was great. It took us a while to find the base manager but in the end the cruise was fantastic. We stopped at a small island near Panarea to swim and eat and then we did a tour of Stromboli before getting off. Good quality-price for the service offered! Thanks Emmanuel (RIB Sacs 34 - Vulcano Stromboli - July 2015)

Now our holiday is over, I would like to thank you again for the week we spent on the boat. Everything was perfect, from the preparation to the last day on board. Giusppe was excellent, we were lucky to have him as our skipper! It was truely unforgettable, we hope to repeat the experience! Thank you again, kind regards, Katrin (Oceanis 45 - Portorosa - June 2015)

Everything went well. We had a marvelous holiday. We hope to repeat it next year. Regards Gerrit (Bavaria 32 - Trapani June 2015)

As a skipper I have rented boats now for several years as it allows me to see many destinations and try different types of boats more than once a year and I can affirm that this experience was very pleasant from the boat, that was in perfect condition both at the moment of the check-in (cleaning, accessories, etc) as well as during the entire week (both while sailing and at motor), and from the point of view of the availability and kindness of the staff at the check-in and check-out. All of this made our week of holiday particularly pleasant and we were able to do many things. I have already expressed by gratitude towards the staff at the base at the check-out but I want to communicate to you as well my impressions. Kind regards and see you soon. Massimo (Dufour 325 - Marsala - June 2015)

We had a wonderful time with Cristian, who was very professional and knew all the hidden places to discover on the islands. Having someone who could tell you which restaurant has the freshest fish, who knows the habitants and can advice you everywhere you go was absolutely fantastic. The boat and the skipper were perfect and the weather was superb! I wish you all the best! Christian (Oceanis Clipper 393 - Milazzo - June 2015)

The Elan 434 Sambosò that we rented bareboat was in perfect condition which allowed us to reach all the islands of the Aeolian archipelago in only one week. I hope we can return soon to sail with you again in the splendid Aeolian Islands. Thanks for everything G. Pisciella (Elan Impresson 434 - Portorosa - June 2015)

Once again our experience was very good, the boat this year was a bit old but everything worked well! We set off towards Marzamemi and the boat went well by sail and by motor. Lamberto (il capo base) molto disponibile e competente. Buon vento, Salvatore (Sun Odyssey 40 - Syracuse - September 2014)

The charter was very positive, the boat was comfortable and everything worked. We were lucky with the weather too. We will keep you in mind for future charters, maybe next time in the Balearic Islands. Kindest regards, Pietro (Oceanis 45 - Palma de Mallora - August 2014)

We had a very pleasant holiday. The boat, a Bavaria 51, was perfect for us and the skipper Alessandro was good both with the boat as well as with the rest of the crew. Thank you for everything, Claudio (Bavaria 51 - Portorosa - August 2014)

A beautiful experience, unfortunately it ended too soon.. next time we'll take the boat for longer. The boat was nice and in good condition. Valeria (Delphia 40 - Marsala - August 2014)

Hello Cristian, Sea, Sites, Wind and very special people for this holiday in August in the Aeolian Islands. We were also able to see Stomboli up close while it was erupting, and I asure you it was an incredible experience to sail past the Sciara del Fuoco with lava and smoke coming out of the crater!! Each island was unique and only Alicudi was too far for our "King", an Oceanis 40 kept in great condition by the owner. I have to thank Cristian and the Il Miglio Blue team for excellent organization and information, that allowed us to make the best of our seven day holiday, without making mistakes in the itinerary. The Aeolian Islands Pilot that you have prepared was very useful and please send me the latest edition; we used it to chose our ancorages or moorings and for where to go by day and night, just a suggestion, add more itineraries about what to see on the islands and more good restaurants!! I have been sailing in the waters of Sardinia for many years, but I highly recommend sailing between Stromboli and Salina and I can say that it is worth it!! Roberto, and kids Sara Matilde Gacomo, and friends Valentina Francesca Gianluca. Thanks & Best Regards, (Oceanis 40 - Portorosa - August 2014)

oceanis 40 Aeolian Islands charter

I like that you are interested in receiving feedback from clients about their experiences. As you know, I organized this adventure that included seven other enthusiastic and curious people with no prior sailing experience, plus our friend who is a skipper who took us around given that I will get my licence in September. The crew was made up of people who normally go camping and were used to small spaces and so the layout of the boat didn't bother them, given it was spacious and comfortable. "Kores" was a great boat: easy to maneuver and comfortable. Small things to fix could be considered normal for a boat that, even though it was obviously well maintained, was a few years old. The experience was very positve: we enjoyed the beautiful sites, the great climate and all the wonderful things Sicily has to offer. We were even able to enjoy sailing on a few particularly windy days. Kind regards, p.s. the crew wants to come back next year. Carmelo (Cyclades 50.5 - Portorosa - July 2014)

cyclades 50.5 portorosa eolie

Good morning, everything was fine, that boat was good and the staff capable. Thanks, Ornella (cabin charter Sun Odyssey 45 - July 2014 - Marsala)

My newphew had a great time with the RIB that we rented, which was in perfect condition, and the weather was nice. Thanks again, Cristina (Tempest 630 - July 2014 - Milazzo)

rib gommone milazzo

The charter was fantastic, we really appreciated our experience and the kids liked the boat. The skipper was very accomadating and made our holiday memorable, taking us to incredible bays. We really liked Vulcano. Thanks again, regards, Antonella (July 2014 - Oceanis Clipper 393 - Milazzo)

in barca con bambini a vulcano

We only had two days and we managed to do more than we had thought was possibile. It was our first time on board with our two year old daughter and everything went smoothly, our daughter still talks about the dolphins that we saw on the last day, it was magical. Thanks again to our skipper and we hope to come back soon. Ciao, Ferdinando (July 2014 - Oceanis Clipper 393 - Milazzo)

dolphins in charter in the aeolian islands

Dear Cristian, many thanks for the photo. We were very pleased with the boat and it was a very pleasant holiday. We were truely very satisfied and we hope to come back next year. Kind regards, Michael (July 2014 - Oceanis 40 - Portorosa)

oceanis 40 stromboli vela

bella vacanza in barca eolie

Thank you Cristian, I was very pleased with your services, very efficient and flexible, given my booking was very last minute, and the boat was in perfect condition and comfortable ("Hiera"). The skipper was very professional and always tried to do the most for the crew. Thanks and my compliments, Marina (June 2014 - imbarco individuale Sun Odyssey 49 - Marsala)

Good afternoon, The experience was very good. Over the years I have chartered frequently in Italy and worldwide and I have to say that your services are at the highest level. The boat was in great condition and the small problems we had were immediately resolved. The staff was very kind and always available, I hope to use your sevices again the next time I rent a boat in Sicily. Thank you and regards, AB (June 2014 - Grand Soleil 40 - Marsala)

I want to let you know that my wedding on Kaptain Yilmaz was a fairytale! Everything was marvelous and the staff incredible! The Captain was very accomadating, and his family helped a lot. They even allowed us to spend the night onboard after the cerimony and they took us from Taormina to the Aeolian Islands. The chef even made us breakfast! It was the perfect was to start our honeymoon. Getting married on board was a wonderful idea, but on Kaptain Yilmaz truely incredible, thank you!!! Barbara (June 2014 - Caicco Kaptain Yilmaz - Taormina - Aeolian Islands)

caicco matrimonio taormina

Dearest Cristian, I send you this email to show how pleased I am with the treatment I receive at Marsala. The sailboat Aida, that I choose, fit my needs perfectly, but overall I need to thank all the staff of the Marina Polaris (in particular Giacomo the base manager!) that was truely competent and kind. Unfortunately the weather was not the best, and this is one reason to come back in the future for another cruise. Thank again and kindest regards. Franz (September 2013 - Grand Soleil 40 - Marsala)

The cruise was perfect, we were very satisfied. The skipper was professional, available, and descrete. The boat was in good condition and in order. Antimo (August 2013 - Lagoon 380 - Milazzo)

Everything was Ok friends of Il Miglio Blue. I hope I can repeat the experience as soon as possibile with a bigger boat. See you soon Antonello (August 2013 - Bavaria 32 - Trapani)

Everything was perfect, a special thanks to Cristian who was present during the holiday!  ***** stars, Dayano (August 2013 - Lagoon 410 cabin charter - Lipari)

filicudi 2013

I would like to say that the week spent onboard 3-10 August went fine. The boat and the assistance, transfer and other services were OK. Everything perfect. We will recommend you. Thanks again. Ciao, Luca (August 2013 - Oceanis 41 - Portorosa)

We were mesmerized by this experience that I hope to repeat as soon as possible. A big thank you to Gabriella (office staff) for her advice and availability, truely! Our advice for other clients: -Provisions: buy as little as possibile in the supermarket of Portorosa near the port (it is very expensive), the supermarket at Lipari is cheaper and you can get fresh fruit and vegtables too. -Stromboli: definitely do the hike up, take good shoes and courage! - Granite: amazing granita at Bar d'Alfredo on Salina!!! Thank you again for everything!!! Elena (July 2013 - Oceanis 423 - Portorosa)

sunset eolie 2013

Everything went super well....even my husband was happy and we definitely will repeat the adventure. Maria Grazia (June 2013 - Oceanis Clipper 393 - Milazzo)

The (short) vacation was perfect, everything good even the boat. Sebastiano (June 2013 - Lagoon 440 - Portorosa)

The holiday was fantastic and we all are completely satisfied: - the boat was in perfect condition, - the itinerary was great, compatable with the weather forecast, and it optimized the navigation between the various islands (dividing well the hours of sailing between the 6 available days) and it allowed us to even visit Filicudi that we initially had not considered in our itinerary for one week; -the suggestions for restaurants and sites to see were spot on. Finally, our compliments to the skipper, not only for his technical abilities but also for the coffee, the marinated fish and his humor! It is our intention to repeat the experience next year, maybe in a different archipelago (for example the Egadi) and it would definitely be our pleasure to repeat the experience with your company. Kind regards from the entire crew (Andrea, Cristina ed Elena). Matteo (June 2013 - Oceanis 393 - Milazzo)

vela eolie 2013

Happy crew and we want to repeat the experience, the boat was ok, the staff at Marsala was very professional and friendly at the same time. Giacomo (base manager) was very professional and capable. Thank from the heart to all the staff of "Il Miglio Blue". Inbrunnone (June 2013 - Lagoon 440 - Marsala)

We had a great time, thanks to the beautiful setting, but also because of the availability of the charter staff and the good condition of the boat. Our only advice would be to add a sub that puts fish on the line, that would make it even better. Giovannini (June 2013 - Cyclades 43.4 - Trapani)

I want to thank you for the perfect organization, everything was perfect. Mario (base manager) and the skipper were very efficient and kind. Andrea (May 2013 - Sun Odyssey 45 - Marsala)

Very new boat...owner very available...perfect as always! Thank you and see you again soon! (May 2013 - Lagoon 400 - Milazzo)

We thank you a lot. Everything went very well and our friends were very satisfied, even the skipper was very good and available. Regards and thanks again, Werner (October 2012 - Comet 52 - Sant'Agata di Militello)

We needed some time to get back to the normal lifestyle after the whirlwind of emotions that we experienced during our cruise, and during the storm we passed at Lipari the 14th and 15th of September, I write to you to thank you for your professional and thorough services that you offered us, and I compliment you on the high level of organization. I attach a review of the crew, which I feel is required and necessary given the high level of ability expressed by the two young "sailors". Thank you again, kind regards, Salvatore Raimondo (September 2012 - Lagoon 440 - Sant'Agata di Militello)

The week spent on Salato was a unique experience for us. We appreciated the Gulet, very comfortable, a floating hotel. We got to know Valentina, Mario and Pietro; crew very friendly, professional, and polite. We dined on the cuisine of Valentina; phenomenal! We visited panoramic sites. What else can I say, there are not enough words to describe the emotions we lived in one week. Thank you. Monica (August 2012 - Turkish Gulet Salato - Tropea)

caicco vacanza sicilia

Vacation truly very beautiful, a perfect week in the Aeolian Islands, Christian is great. Certainly we will recommend ilmiglioblue to our friends. Luca (August 2012 - Oceanis Clipper 393 - Milazzo)

Now I am back at home after my holiday in Sicily and I can tell you that I was very happy and pleased with the services of your team at Vulcano!! Francesco and Marina were fantastic and they helped me with everything I needed, in a very friendly manner!! The boat didn't have any problem and it was very fun!! My family and I are all very happy and we will surely contact you again in the future for another rental in the incredible Aeolian Islands. Kind regards, Nikolau (August 2012 – Joker Coaster 650 – Vulcano)

we were very happy with our holiday, the boat was beautiful and the skipper was very kind and available, even your organization was perfect, I have to say that nothing was lacking. Mattia (August 2012 - Lagoon 380 - Portorosa)

it is with great pleasure that I write to share my feedback on the splendid experience in one of the boats from your fleet, "Esmeralda". My girlfriend and I spent one of the most beautiful week of vacation of our lives. Fantastic sites, perfect boat, outstanding skipper! Leonardo, even though he was young, was one of the most prepared and professional skipper that I have ever met in all my charter experiences (and we have a lot of charter experience all over the world!) Organization and logistics were perfect, amazing the availability and flexibility. We are truly pleased that we close il miglio blue as our partner, we will certainly contact you for future sailing charters. In attachment some photos of "Marettimo", an island that will remain in our hearts for its unique beauty. Once again thank you for your efficiency and professionalism. Fabrizio & Antonietta (July 2012 - Oceanis Clipper 331 - Trapani)

marettimo charter vela

the experience was definitely positive. we had a great time and were satisfied with the boat, that we found in optimum condition, and with the services offered overall, thanks for everything ;) Alessandro (August 2012 - Oceanis Clipper 393 - Milazzo)

The holiday was excellent, the Aeolian islands are fantastic and our boat and the skipper together made for a perfect vacation! Benedetta (August 2012 - Bavaria 46 - Milazzo)

Everything went very well. Unfortunately the Seas were rough between Milazzo and the Aeolian Islands. Once we were in the islands we enjoyed a beautiful day. Very relaxing. Your services and the quality of the boat were very good. Thank you. Alejandro (July 2012 - Sessa C42 - Milazzo)

I write thanking you once again for organizing excellently my holiday. The Aegadian Islands were very pleasant due to the organization (boat - welcome - services) as well as for the skipper (very capable, kind, and available). Thank you for the Aeolian Pilot, very nice and useful and for the newsletter emails about holidays, offers, etc. Hope to be back in touch soon. Norberto (July 2012 - Oceanis Clipper 423 - Marsala)

Thank you for everything. The boat is very beautiful and we found the breeze for a wonderful sail (Milazzo - Vulcano) with winds between 15-20 knots. Thanks again. Bruno (July 2012 - Oceanis Clipper 393 - Milazzo)

Our experience was very beautiful, which, even though the Sea was rough the first day, left us with incredible memories most of all for the soon to be spouse. La barca era davvero bella pulita ed ordinata e un grazie particolare va' al ns skipper che con prefessionalità e simpatia ci ha accompagnato durante questa nostra avventura...alla prossima Giorgio (July 2012 - Oceanis Clipper 393 - Milazzo)

The experience was good, the islands were marvelous and the weather perfect! A few days of strong winds (force 7) and other days with moderate winds for comfortable sailing. We were always sailing (only 3 hours by motor in 7 days!) and this was the greatest satisfaction. The base manager at Trapani (Mr. Sparta Massimo) was available and kind, and the information he gave was optimal and precise, the boat was in order and clean. I hope to return soon and rent another boat with you, probably for the Aeolian Islands! I suggest you make a nautical guide for the Aegadian Islands like the one you sent me for the Aeolian Islands, it is very nice and useful! Thanks and see you soon! Stefano Florioli (June 2012 - Bavaria 32 - Trapani)

Our stay went very well. We were lucky, becuase the weather was nice the entire time. The company was good, and the skipper was able to satisfy our requests to visit the various sites. Overal the experience was positive. Francesco (June 2012 - Cabin Charter - Portorosa)

Everything very nice (boat and skipper), perfect weather, two fantastic nights by anchor. See you again soon! MD (June 2012 - Lagoon 440 - Sant'Agata di Militello)

Thank you for the unforgetable holiday....the boat was excellent, the skipper Claudio fantastic.... see you soon ........ Nuccia (June 2012 - Lagoon 440 - Sant'Agata di Militello)

Everything went very well both the holiday and the assistance, Fabrizio (the base manager) was very efficient and practical. I hope to repeat the experience. Kind regards, Renzo Amadori (May 2012 - Oceanis 40 - Portorosa)  

It is with enthusiasm and pleasure that I ask you to leave my comment for the next crew that will have the possibility to sail with you.  Everything went perfectly, from the moment of the booking, to the flexibility shown up until the end of the holiday.  The boat that was used, even though it was not the boat we had originally rented that was not available for technical reasons, was much above our expectations in addition to being of a superior category.  The cleaning of the interior and the utensils is the best I have ever seen in my many years of charter and the instruments were in perfect condition.  Lines, winches, anchor chain, mast, sails, outboard motor, bathrooms, stove top…everything ok.  The only defect I could note….. there was no spray hood… not being in regatta, it would have been useful in several occasions.  The base manager and all the personnel that we met were very kind and thorough, and we were very grateful for the comfortable, clean, and punctual transfer service by Mr. Mazzini.  Unfortunately this beautiful holiday is over, with sun, good winds and clean water… discovering the incredibly beautiful Aegadian Islands and their very special habitants.  We are thinking about returning at the end of September.  Thank you for everything! Fabio (end of May 2012 – Oceanis 423 – Marsala)

Little to say. Very nice boat, fast and responsive.  Moves even with light breeze. It is in need of a few slight maintenances given the numerous years of charter, but remains a highly recommended boat.  It was a fantastic experience (and we were lucky for the weather).  Breathtaking sites, everyone very courteous.  In numbers we navigated 216 nautical miles (as indicated on the GPS) of which over 150 were sailing.  We moored in Lipari and Filicudi, anchored at Panarea and Vulcano, and rented a mooring buoy at Stromboli.  The nautical pilot sent to me was very useful.  The only update I can give is that the port of Filicudi is currently closed for repairs. I promise to contact you for a future holiday in Sicily, best wishes for a season full of sun, wind and happiness. Riccardo (May 2012 – Grand Soleil 40 – Palermo).

We had a wonderful experience.  The boat was fine and your staff was helpful and courteous.  We will surely think of coming again for our next cruise. Mark (May 2012 - Lagoon 400 - Milazzo)

Everything went very well: excellent organization, perfect boat, fantastic Aegadian Islands!  We sailed among the islands, anchored in splendid bays and enjoyed optimum restaurants.  Everything in only 5 days…Our compliments to you and our kindest regards to Massimo and Leo the base managers of Trapani. Laura and Andrea (April 2012 – Bavaria 32 – Trapani)

The experience was very positive! Everything was organized perfectly: your contacts for the shuttle transfer from the airport (Mr. Enzo) and for the boat check-in (Mr. Mario) were truly precise, dependable, kind and available! The boat was super beautiful and very well equipped! We will definitely return to Sicily for another boat charter, and we will rely on your company!  In attachment some photos, taken over the weekend at Favignana, which was fantastic!  . . . and the cuisine was truly excellent!  Thanks again and have a nice day. Francesco (April 2012 – Dufour 485 – Marsala)

charter egadi dufour

We woke up early that morning thinking about Cristian (the skipper) who was sailing towards Panarea to reach us... then in the afternoon we watched the island become smaller as we sailed towards Salina. Two days rocked with the sway of the sea and two nights full of beautiful dreams. Afterwards we returned to reality and the soft outline of the Sicilian coast. Dazzi. (September 2011 - Elan Impression 434 - One-way Panarea-Portorosa)

We had the most amazing trip!  Thank  you SO much!   Il Miglio Blue was fantastic: reliable, professional, accommodative, just a wonderful company to work with.  Our skipper couldn’t have been better!  We absolutely loved Maurizio – very knowledgeable and fun and he kept us very safe in the numerous storms!  Thank you for such a great experience. Sarah (Septembre 2011 - Sun Odyssey 45 - One-way Portorosa - Salina)

The experience was very positive for us as well as for our children (it was their first time onboard). The boat was in great condition and the skipper was great, kind and pleasant. Everything was perfect, including the weather and the wind. Regards Marco (August 2011 - Cyclades 43.4 - Trapani)

We were very pleased! The sailboat was excellent and the skipper was great! Everything was perfect, even the airport transfer to Portorosa, flawless, the only problem was with our Alitalia flights that were delayed both for the arrival and the departure... and the jellyfish. Thanks again!!! Silvia (August 2011 - Bavaria 46 - Portorosa)

Thank you for your services. We are very satisfied. Regards, Michele (August 2011 – Lavezzi 40 – Lipari)

It was truly a beautiful holiday and even my wife, who had doubts prior, was very pleased.  We greatly appreciated the captain, Francesco Fabbrini, who was just excellent.  Next year we will definitely return. Thanks and see you soon. Fabio (August 2011 – Lagoon 380 – Lipari)

The holiday was truly great.  The catamaran was very comfortable, well equipped and with sufficient space.  In regards to the skipper: Salvatore, in addition to being very well informed and updated about the sites to visit, he was always very helpful and dependable. We were also lucky to have beautiful weather.  Overall, it was a holiday that we will recommend and that we will repeat.  Thanks for organizing everything. Ciao Nunzio (August 2011 – Lavezzi 40 – Lipari)

catamarano eolie lavezzi 40

Our compliments. Spectacular services and magnificent sites with a fantastic skipper, Alberto.  Thanks again and see you soon. Kind regards Roberto (August 2011 – Lagoon 440 – Sant’Agata di Militello)

Our experience with Il Miglio Blue was very good, and we were very pleased with the boat, Cristian (the base manager) made everything easy and Alessandro (the skipper) knew exactly what we wanted and we were very comfortable with him, and he was very professional. Thanks again, we will recommend you to all our friends. Núria (August 2011 - Oceanis Clipper 393 - Milazzo)

It is with pleasure that I send you our compliments for the professional services you offered and the splendid holiday that we organized together. The boat was perfect, the extra services such as the transfers, faultless.  We will definitely refer your company in the future and recommend you to everyone.  It is rare to find such professionalism from the very first contact for information to the day before the embarkation. Our compliments again. Luca (August 2011- Sun Odyssey 49i – Reggio Calabria).

The services of Mr. Barca (base manager) are very good and the SACS 34 is a good RIB.  Thanks. Regards Giogio (August 2011 – SACS 34 – Salina)

Well maintained and comfortable boat.  Il Miglio Blue was very professional and available.  I hope that, thanks to you, the passion for sailing develops in Messina even other than only for holidays … Antonino (August 2011 – Oceanis Clipper 393 – Milazzo)

sailboat panarea

Dear friends of Il Miglio Blue, returned the boat to Maurizio (the base manager), Saturday morning, returned home, and now I am back at work.  The memories of a splendid week in the Aeolian Islands remain fresh in my mind and I am pleased to confirm that the boat (that we found outfitted with all the necessary equipment)  met all of our expectations.  There were some small inconveniences (dealing with the dinghy), nuisances, and all part of the adventure.  The God of Wind was on holiday, but we did not complain because, given our crew composition, it was better to navigate by motor! With our carefully planned itinerary we were able to visit also the islands of Filicudi and Alicudi (that I had never seen) and in addition we took advantage of the recent activity of Stromboli and saw the spectacular eruption by night.  Everything went very well, thank you for all the assistance.  Kindest regards. Carlo (August 2011 - Sun Odyssey 49 – Portorosa)

The votes are in: 10 for your agency, 10 for the boat, and 10 for the skipper! Everything went very well, Francesco (the skipper) was great and the boat was phenomenal, very comfortable, and it felt like we were in a villa.  We saw tons of very beautiful sites. Thanks for everything. Regards to all the staff. Massimiliano (August 2011 – Lagoon 440 – Portorosa)

My friends and I were completely satisfied by this experience. The boat, although ment for regatta, was comfortable, clean, and equipped with a complete kitchen. The interior spaces are well optimized, and fit the provisions needed for the entire week. The water tanks have a limited autonomy, and we had to stop more than once to fill them up, which was the only "imperfection". However, sailing this boat was much funner than a charter in a more charter-oriented boat! The skipper was the perfect guide, and good company, and involved us with passion in the new world of Sailing; moreover, he optimized the itinerary allowing us to visit all the islands while sailing and using the motor minimally. Paolo (August 2011 - First 40.7 - Reggio Calabria)

We were pleased with your services, the boat, it was exactly what we were looking for. The captain was excellent and even cooked very well, and the son of the captain was very sweet and kept everything in order. It would have been fun to have a rib to visit the coast where the boat could not enter. I will recommend your services to my friends and call you for our next holiday in the Mediterranean. Kind regards. Cristina (July 2011 - Swift Trawler 42 - Salina)

Thanks for everything, it was perfect. (July 2011 - Delphia 37 - Sant'Agata di Militello)

It was a memorable week, sunny skies and nice breeze the last two days. We had a really great time. It was short, but we were very pleased. We will be in touch. Kind regards, Gianluca De Maria (July 2011 - Sun Odyssey 40 - Portorosa)

Thank you for really great chartering service! Our week was just perfect: the boat worked excellently, co-operation with Massimo (base manager) was seamless when getting and leaving the boat and over all your service and arrangement was perfect.. We will for sure contact you again next time we come sailing to Italy. Thank you again and have a nice summer! Best regards, Meri (July 2011 - Oceanis 43 - Milazzo)

charter oceanis43<

The trip was okay, we really have enjoyed the time. The yacht was quite new, first time we had no technical trouble on the trip. May be a little poor equipped, but anyway, the price-performance ratio was okay. So we hope to have a comparable trip next year. Thanks again. Gerrit and Sigrun (June 2011 - Bavaria 32 - Trapani)

The holiday was fantastic and I want to thank you for your professional and poliet services, my compliments :-) . Thanks also to Alberto (base manager) and the base staff at the check-in, truely excellent and kind! We will be back! Claudio (June 2011 - Delphia 37 - Sant'Agata di Militello)

In the name of the crew I thank all the people that have assisted in making our holiday at the Aegadian Islands a very special event. Rainbow met our expectations, the base team very efficient, kind, and poliet, the assistance by telephone, even though Giacomo was in Tunisia, was thorough and immediate. Our thanks - Andrea (June 2011 - Dufour 525 - Marsala)

The holiday was fantastic even considering the bad weather forecast. The boat was in good condition and the welcome was great. The Aegadian Islands are always fascinating. Kind regards and we will be in touch Iliano (June 2011 - Oceanis 423 - Marsala)

Everything went well, and we had a lovely holiday. You and your colleques service has been excellent, both in the office and in the port,  thank you. We are all looking forward to do this again. Best regards Bengt (October 2010 - Delphia 37 - Trapani)

Everything was great, the boat was in good condition and the base manager very kind, we send our best regards to Amerigo and Pippo. The weather was on our side (especially being that it was October), with only one day of rain that gave us time to explore Lipari. It was a relaxing end of summer with favorable weather conditinos (flat seas and light breezes) that played in our favor. The Aeolian islands are always special, even more so in the off-season. Kind regards to all Franco (October 2010 - Elan Impression 344 - Milazzo)

elan impression 344 aeolian islands milazzo

Thank you for the fantastic weekend that we spent in the marvelous Egadi Islands and the city of Trapani. I advise you to try to preserve them well. We send our kindest regards to Vicky (the base manager) who took care of everything perfectly. Sofia Emanuela & Sofia (October 2010 - Delphia 37 - Trapani)

Great boat, wonderful sites. We will be in touch in the spring. Regards, Alessandro (October 2010 - Grand Soleil 40 - Marsala)

The boat was very beautiful and comfortable. There was everything that we needed and we felt at home. Rodolfo (the skipper) was excellent even with the slightly rough seas. Thanks and ciao. Massimo (September 2010 - Lagoon 440 - Sant'Agata)

Our apologies that we have waited until now to thank you for the magnificent organization that you provided on our latest club outing from Marzamemi to Malta, even though the sailboat was substituted with a 46' it did not affect our vacation. In the name of the entire crew I send you our compliments for how well everything was organized starting from the transfers. Rarely have I found a company so well organized. Thanks from the heart. You are truly professionals. We know where to recommend people for future sailing in Sicily, and we will return soon. Andrea (September 2010 - Bavaria 46 - Marzamemi)

We chartered a Delphia 37 from the base of Trapani with the plan to sail to the Egadi (Aegadian) Island. The weather conditions were a bit difficult, with the exception of one day, the wind was constantly around 20-25 knots (first from the northwest, and then from the southeast), which made for quite demanding sailing, even considering the rough seas that were created by the wind. In addition, onboard were my three kids of 8, 4 and 1 years old... Nevertheless, the holiday was very pleasing. The sailboat was well balanced and with good "marine" characteristics, with large and comfortable storage bins and a spacious interior, things that in general are not found in a boat that handles so well under heavy conditions. More than anything, I have to say we greatly appreciated the kindness demonstrated by Vicky (the base manager), who assisted us with every detail and helped us overcome the small mishaps that are inevitable in any boat rental. Thanks! Ciao Daniele (September 2010 - Delphia 37 - Trapani)

The charter went well, I was pleased with the boat, the weather was a little rough at times.. so we spent probably more time in port than we would like, and did not get to all that we had originally planned, and the conditions made for a tough return on the day we came in.. but you don't control the weather, so, we look forward to more charters in the coming year. regards, stan (September 2010 - Oceanis 40 - Portorosa)

Thank you all for the excellent communications before and during the trip. The boat was very good and well presented.  We had a great time and were lucky to have the weather to allow us to stop overnight and climb Stromboli. All the islands are beautiful and individual. The food is simply the best we have ever enjoyed. Hope to see you again next year. Best wishes, Simon and Crew (September 2010 - Oceanis 473 - Portorosa)

Oceanis 473 Eolie

The staff was fantastic, they organized a great holiday, the sailboat was perfect and very clean, and among the best maintained that I have ever seen. The two base managers, were very kind and very prepared, they gave me great advice and amazing assistance. The sailing equipment was perfect and the assistance they gave was very useful, given that there were rough seas, I couldn't have asked for anything more. Excellent, I look forward to returning for another tour, hopefully in better weather and with calm seas. Thanks again for everything. Sandro (August 2010 - Oceanis 40 - Portorosa)

The holiday went very well and the charter, for the kindness and professionalisim is probably the best, in ten years of sailing holidays, that we have ever had. Thanks for everything and see you again soon. Ciao Andrea (August 2010 - Dufour 325 - Marsala)

We spent a wonderful week on board the Oceanis Clipper 393 for a tour of the Aeolian Islands, with an excellent skipper, the kind Cristian, that sailed us in the splendid waters around the 7 wonders... Thanks to him we visited unforgetable places and we hope to repeat the experience soon. We will never forget the dolphins and the manta ray. A special thanks to the cook, and his unforgetable meals!!! Antonio, Donatella, Edoardo e Alice (August 2010 - Oceanis Clipper 393 - Milazzo)

Our week on board went very well and overall was positive. The boat was in excellent condition, everything worked and it was very comfortable: the size of the boat (50') and the layout with 4 double cabins and 4 wc made for a comfortable stay for everyone. Also positive was our itinerary of the Aeolian Islands: in one week we visited all the islands (except Alicudi) and enjoyed their beauty and obviously their waters. The conditions were perfect with sun, warm and nice weather. We also took advantage of the breezes and sailed a bit in the archipelago. We got along great with Massimo (the skipper) that was with us during the week. Last but not least, thanks for the assistance provided to organize our boating holiday (boat rental, airport transfer, etc) and for the professionalism demonstrated. We hope to repeat the experience next year. Kind regards, Luca and crew (August 2010 - Cyclades 50.4 - Milazzo)

The holiday is now just a memory, stored in an angle of the brain that is now overwhelmed with the return to work... nevertheless, returning to the moment of our holiday: Isla Bonita was a good boat, and up to our expectations in sailing and while at anchor or in port. We were on board the week of August 14-21, and we found less confusion that we expected... we were there during the earthquake that did not cause any great damage... the islands, the bays, the water are all absolutely fantastic; the weather was great the entire time... overall, what could we ask for more??!! Thanks for everything Marco, Anna ed Elio (August 2010 - Elan Impression 344 - Milazzo)

elan impression 344 isla bonita

Thanks again for your assistance and for the gift basket that we enjoyed over the week! Once again a wonderful charter organized perfectly. Special thanks to Mrs. Cristina who was professional and always available to resolve problems. See you again soon! Gianluca (August 2010 - Delphia 40 - Sant'Agata di Militello)

It is a pleasure to tell you that the week spent in the Aeolian Islands passed with full sails. The First 45 from 2009 rented from Portorosa was an enjoyable boat equipped with excellent sails. The base personnel were very kind and efficient. Thank you all for your patience and availability. Kind regards, Antonella (July 2010 - First 45 - Portorosa)

Everything went well and was very professional. The greeting at Lipari was excellent. We made one mistake: the base of Reggio Calabria is a bit far to visit the Aeolian Islands We will see you again soon becuase our discovery of the Islands has just begun. Good sailing. Rossana e Alberto (July 2010 - Oceanis 43 - Reggio Calabria)

Excellent charter and services. The boat OK, the transfer on time. We visited Vulcano, the hike up the Vulcano was particularly beautiful, one hour from the Eastern Port. Filicudi has a beautiful coastline, other than the two small cities; Salina was fantastic, we rented a moped and spent a night at the marina and another night at the Bay of Pollara. Lipari was also interesting  -  PM (July 2010 - Sun Odyssey 45 - Portorosa)

aeolian vulcano

Thank you for your assistance. Our vacation was fantastic, the boat was in excellent condition (we even sailed to Tunisia!!!) and the organization was perfect. Our compliments! See you again soon. GLC Gianluca (June 2010 - Cyclades 43.4 - Trapani)

I don't know where to start: the boat was very dirty, the captain was rude... JUST JOKING!!! It was an incredible experience! Mario is professional, courteous, and very kind and we were very impressed with this amazing experience. The sailboat was excellent: spacious and organized. Overall, an unforgettable memory (and I already did some publicity with my friend). I will send photos soon. Regards Beppe (June 2010 - Sun Odyssey 45 - Portorosa)

Our week in the Aeolian Islands was spectacular. We had a nice time, we found the right wind to sail, the weather was so-so, we fished and did some cultural excursions. The boat was perfect for our group, comfortable and well maintained. Overall, we had fun and ... what do we need more??? Maybe another week??? Thank for all the organization, you were efficient (most of all to help a group as indecisive as ours). See you soon and good sailing. Smeralda and Massimo and the entire crew (June 2010 - Cyclades 50.4 - Milazzo)

Very well thanks, the Delphia 40 was a great boat. Thanks and see you soon! Luca (June 2010 - Delphia 40 - Palermo - Photo at Alicudi with Filicudi in the background)

Alicudi Bonatti

The tour was very beautiful. Short but very beautiful. Guido, the captain, was very kind, always available and polite. You know the sites better than me, they are incredible. There were no problems, rather everyone was always helpful. Thanks and see you soon. Sergio (June 2010 - Oceanis 473 - Portorosa)

Thanks a million for the organization. Il Miglio Blue was by far the most professional service we had!!!! Best Regards, Sid (May 2010 - Ship for wedding party Milazzo - Panarea)

We had some problems but they were all resolved, the base manager Peppe was very welcoming and generous, both Peppe and Giacomo were indispensable. Everything was organized well except the weather was not the best but overall the holiday was very beautiful, thank again for organizing everything. We hope to spend another holiday in Sicily in the future. Thanks again. Paolo. (April 2010 - Dufour 525 - Marsala)

I am just back from Italy. Here are my impressions: Boat- The boat was an excellent craft. We had some really heavy weather on the last day and she performed admirably. The boat worked well for the three of us with ample space for our needs and nice conveniences such as a good amount of hot water, strong batteries, etc. Arrival- When we arrived there were some minor issues with the boat.  Alberto and his team did a super job in getting the issue resolved. I really have to commend them on being super folks and making sure all was right before we set sail. The trip Once underway, all worked well. One recommendation would be that your sailing guide give a recommended itinerary and also that you tell your clients to make sure they print and bring it with them as it has really very useful information. Our trip took us to Volcano, Salina, Panerea, Stromboli and Lipari. We never made it to the smaller, more remote islands. The scenery was great, the people fun and the sailing excellent. Return; This was easy. Alberto had one of his staff there to help us tie up in the evening and in the morning the check-in was very easy plus Alberto gave us a ride to the train station. Overall: Despite the few glitches at the start, this was an excellent charter. The boat was great, islands just right and the team fantastic. Thanks! Carl (September 2009 - Delphia 37 - Sant'Agata di Militello)

We've really enjoyed our charter in Italy. We'd like to thank you for your service in prearrangement this charter and for your support all over the charter time. Special thanks to Antonello who had advised us the whole time. The Comet 33 met our expectations much better than other boats years before. So, if there is an opportunity to charter this boat again in 2010 we'll think about. Best regards. Sigrun and Gerrit (September 2009 - Comet 33 - Sant'Agata di Militello)

What to say about our sailing experience, if the weather had been calmer it would have been amazing. Regarding your services, no problems. Cristian was very kind and always available. Hopefully the next trip we will have more luck with the weather, hope to see you again next summer. Thanks again. Corrado (September 2009 - Oceanis 393 - Milazzo)

The feedback from the crew was very positive, the boat was in perfect condition and exactly as you had indicated. We were very satisfied with both the logistics and the boat. We hope to return to Reggio and the Aeolian Islands! Thanks to all of you in the name of the crew of Lotus '09. Gabriele&Cristian (August 2009 - Cyclades 50.5 - Reggio Calabria)

Ciao Carolyn , Gabriella , e Cristian, now that we have bad weather here in Northern Italy I return to the photos from our beautiful, summer holiday to reheat my heart. Given that thanks to you we spent a splendid day we would like to share some moments of that wonderful fun:-) We hope to see you again in the summer of 2010 for another adventure. Ciao - Davide and friends. (August 2009 - Flyer 750 - Milazzo)

The holiday was very nice, beautiful tour, great weather, just one thing could have made it better, if the boat had had air conditioning we would have been more comfortable, otherwise everything was fantastic, the skipper Marzia was amazing, expert, extremely patient and great company. Il miglio blu? .. mmm ... competent and efficient. Thank you for everything and hope to be in touch soon, good sailing - Maria (August 2009 - Sun Odyssey 40 - Milazzo)

I would like to compliment you in the name of the entire crew for your services, you were simply perfect in everything and you took care of all the smallest details from the start, I think that it is due to your professional and focused work ethic, we will definitely contact you in the future to organize another adventure, you are a winning team, thank you for everything. The boat was very nice, everything as indicated in your documents and email, everything ok, I want to thank you again for the much appreciated gift pack that we found in the boat, thank you, thank you, thank you - Antonio (August 2009 - Cyclades 50.5 - Portorosa).

Buongiorno Cristian, Carolyn & Gabriella, we were very satisfied and we complement you for your professional services and attention to detail. One very positive aspect was the skipper Giancarlo, whom was very professional, kind, and always available, making the holiday very fun and enjoyable. Everything went very well and we were very pleased that we choose to use your agency. Please keep us updated on the news and ideas for future vacations. Thank you and good sailing! Giulia (August 2009 - Sun Odyssey 49i - one-way Sant'Agata - Trapani)

The vacation was fantastic, the boat lived up to our expectations and the skipper was very good. Thank you for the gift pack. We will definitely recommend your company. Thank you and see you soon!!! Arnaldo (August 2009 - Oceanis 40 - Portorosa)

The holiday went very well .. the sailboat and transfer were perfect ... as you know the islands are incredibly beautiful. Thank you for everything; we hope to be back next summer ... Luca (August 2009 - Elan Impression 344 - Milazzo)

Just a quick note to say thank you for everything you have done for us in Italy. The guys at the base were very professional and we will definitely book through your company in the future. Best wishes, PHILIPPE (July 2009 - Sun Odyssey 36i - one-way Salerno-Tropea)

Just a day and some hours have passed since our return to home. We all enjoyed Sicily much – weather, people, seas, food. Your services were at high level from first beginning – sending information on Aeolian Islands, Milazzo marina which helped to plan the route and with problem solving in case of my misunderstanding of contract. The yacht was above our expectations – well maintained and well equipped. We are very glad we choose charter with skipper. We felt more comfortable  and did not worry about routing, places in harbors, good anchorage, best beaches to swim. Grazie to Cristian. Grazie a dopo and see you all, Raimonds (July 2009 - Oceanis Clipper 393 - Milazzo)

Thank you for all the hard work. We spent a magnificent week aboard the Lagoon with our kind skipper Dino - Nino (July 2009 - Lagoon 440 - Cefalù)

Our return to Rome was silent and sad, but the fantastic holiday that we had will remain alive in our memories for a long time! We hope to relive another similar adventure in the near future, here is a nice photo at the end of our trip - Lisa, Alessandro, Barbara, Massimo, Angelica (July 2009 - Oceanis Clipper 393 - Milazzo).

We would like to thank you for the perfect day that you organized for us. Mario was perfect. Thanks again. Your number is memorized is my phone. See you soon, Luca (July 2009 - Eolo 6,50 - Milazzo)

Very nice experience from all points of view, except for the weather. Unfortunately it limited our navigation. New boat and very competent base manager Davide, great person. - Enrico (June 2009 - Lagoon 380 - Marsala)

It was a fantastic experience and I hope to repeat it again. Until then I will not miss the opportunity to share with those I know (other sailors) of "Il Miglio Blue"... gp (June 2009 - Oceanis Clipper 393 - Milazzo)

Everything was OK and there was no problem. We visited Vulcano, Stromboli, Paranea and Lipari, which is quite a lot for six days. We may come back one day... JC (May 2009 - Elan Impression 344 - Portorosa)

Sailboat: Delphia 40 very beautiful and very new, extremely comfortable and fast in strong winds. Base: Trapani very cute, nice, and well organized. Provisions: a bit far from the boat, but we used a mini market at the marina (for a long weekend it was perfect). Airport transfer: perfect. Base manager: perfect, precise and available. Route: due to unstable weather Trapani to San Vito lo Capo to Favignana, Levanzo, Trapani. Problems: none, the sheets were new, and the boat had several additional comforts (full water, soap, oil, salt, etc). We will definitely return. Please keep us updated on your last minute offers by email. Kind regards - Lorenzo (May 2009 - Delphia 40 - Palermo)

We thank you for your services, we were very pleased with the boat and we will definitely return, next time to the Aeolian Islands - Luca (May 2009 - Sun Odyssey 45 - Palermo)

A great experience, everyone in the crew agrees. Beautiful sites, great navigation plan, fantastic skipper and a very comfortable boat in excellent condition. Regards, our compliments and thanks again, we will definitely see you again soon! Massimo (May 2009 - Oceanis Clipper 393 - Milazzo)

It was an amazing vacation...the services offered were fantastic, from the boat to Gaetano and Debora, it was definitely something we want to repeat.... hopefully at the Aegadian Islands next year. Thank you for everything - GOOD SAILING..... Jim (September 2008 - Lagoon 380 S2 - Portorosa)

Thank you for the unforgetable tour. Your profesionality and availability made all the difference. The advice you gave was greatly appreciated, from the first contact to the last day of our charter. The boat was in perfect conditino and the Aeolian islands were incredible. We will recommend Sicily and "Il Miglio Blue" to our friends. Good job. Giorgio (August 2008 - Sun Odyssey 45 - Base Milazzo)

The vacation went very well, the islands are amazing, too bad we didn't have another week. It would have been nice to have a bit more wind, to actually sail more than we did. However, the organization was great, and the brochure with information about the islands, where to moor, and restaurants, was super useful. Thanks again Marco (August 2008 - Bavaria 50 - Base Portorosa)

Everything went very well, the Aegadian are fantastic, the skipper was very kind and the organization was perfect. Thanks again for everything. Aloha Paolo (August 2008 - Bavaria 37 - Base Palermo)

To be very honest, service was perfect! Romano (August 2008 - Oceanis 393 - Base Milazzo)

The holiday was very pleasant, apart from the Skipper, no just joking, Ennio is a very prepared and kind person, we will definitely spend another charter with him as skipper. The boat was perfect. We hope to repeat this experience next year. Kind regards. Armando and crew (August 2008 - Sun Odyssey 49 - Base Trapani)

We spent a marvelous time at the islands. Everything was perfect! We hope to return next year... All the best Vincenzo (July 2008 - Oceanis 393 - Base Milazzo)

It was a really great trip, we had a fantastic time and everything worked perfectly. We will certainly recommend ilmiglioblue to our friend. Miguel (July 2008 - Lagoon 380 - Base Palermo)

We loved, loved, loved our week with mario and valentina. they are superb hosts and the boat was perfect. our experience could not have been better. thank you all, Jane (July 2008 - Caicco Salato - Base Tropea)

Unfortunately the all of us have now found our way back to the office. The holiday has been perfect: we haven't had any problem with the boat, the weather has been gorgeous (even though the captain has been praying for more wind for 5 days in a row), the islands are a beauty and the provided services have been more than satisfactory (check in procedure, boat schematics, Eolie's leaflet, condition of the boat, provided tools - they have all been of great use and in a very good status). I think I can speak for everybody in saying we wish we were still there, but I am sure there are gonna be other occasions to come back, exploit your accurate services and enjoy another lovely vacation on a boat. Best Regards, Luca (July 2008 - Lagoon 380 - Base Palermo)   

First off, I would like to thank you for the calm and professional organization of the boat rental, from the first email until the airport transfer.  Nearly all the communications were done via email and were impeccable and very quick, with replies within a few hours.  The holiday was fantastic, the boat was practically new and gave us no problems, the weather was beautiful, the ports were not crowded, the agency worked well, and all the participants were very happy. Gottardo (June 2008 - Bavaria 46 - Base Palermo)

It was a fantastic experience, definitely something to repeat!  Complements to “Il Miglio Blue” for the organization. Elisabetta (June 2008 - Athena 38 - Base Milazzo)

We thank you profusely for your kindness, precision, professional work ethnic and availability: we spent a truly unforgettable vacation in the blue of your splendid sea. Good sailing! Silvia Andrea Anna Arturo (June 2008 - Oceanis 393 - Base Milazzo)

Just a few weeks ago we disembarked from our boat rented in Milazzo, but we already miss the Sea, the wind, and most of all the Sailing!!! Even though the weather was not in our favour, the week we spent touring the fantastic Aeolian Islands has left us with beautiful memories, including your courteousness and availability. We will definitely return in the future to sail in Sicily and once again we will count on you (Il Miglio Blue). For now, best regards and good sailing! Massimo and Carla Ghiazza (September 2007 - Oceanis 393 - Base Milazzo)

Dear Cristian, thanks to your profession work ethic and the beautiful sailboat, we were able to live a dream and a very unique experience... I am sure that we will return soon, because I want to organize other sailing weekends and like my friend says, after having tried your boat and those of other charter companies: "if you want to go sailing, with Cristian you should be renting......." Ciao Guido (July 2007 - Oceanis 393 & Athena 38 - Base Milazzo)

I write in the name of Francesca as well as the other participants aboard for our vacation. I have to say that this was not our first vacation in a sailboat, but it was our first vacation in Sicily. Our experience, thanks in part to Il Miglio Blue, was perfect. The warm welcoming and the excellent and efficient organization resolved all our concerns and we felt completely comfortable. The sailboat was perfect, clean, comfortable, and had everything we needed. In addition, the Aegadian Islands are incredibly beautiful, rugged, undeveloped, and uncontaminated with sparkling, crystal clear water of extraordinary beauty and colour. It was an unforgettable vacation for everyone. Thank you Il Miglio Blue. We hope to return soon....Elena (June 2007 - Oceanis 473 - Base Trapani)