Sailing & Hiking Aeolian Islands

Vulcano, Lipari, Salina, Panarea, Stromboli, Filicudi, Alicudi

Sailing and Hiking the Aeolian Islands

The Aeolian Islands offer several forms of volcanism to explore in addition to natural beauty of this volcanic arcipelago that rose from the Sea about 700,000 years ago. With native vegetation, incredible views and spectacular cuisine these islands have a ton to offer and with each changing season..... they offer a different sensation.

Il Miglio Blue offers a special cruise that unites both sailing and hiking. The goal to bring together the Sea-Wind-Fire-Land with amazing hikes and tours of the volcanic activity. There are numerous hiking trails in the islands, at various levels of difficulty. In addition to enjoying the islands from the boat, there are activites to do on land to explore all the beauty of the Aeolian Islands. You have to see it for yourself! It would be our pleasure to help you organize your itinerary. All the excursions will start from where the boat is moored. The itinerary may have to be modified on a day to day basis based on the weather forecast. Guest should come prepared with clothes adapt for the activities and extra equipment if needed. Here are some of the sites we reccomend visiting:


Gran Cratere la Fossa: Hike to the top of the Gran Cratere la Fossa (last eruption in 1888-1890), with secondary volcanism and incredible view of the other islands.

Sulfur Mud bathes: Walk in the small town and stop by the sulfur mud bathes (healing properties) and visit the nearby beach with thermal warm water, warmed by the gas from the volcano.

Vulcanello: Excursion to Vulcanello, with panoramic view of Lipari, and explore the unique lava formations in the Vally of the Monsters.


Pumice: Ancora offshore the white sandy beach made of pumice. Take the dinghy to the shore and hike up the white hills.

Pianoconte: Excursion to the Thermal bathes of San Calogero, famous since the time of the Romans, hike up to Pianoconte for an amazing view of the coast of the island walking along ancient paths along the Sea.

The city of Lipari: Stroll throught the city streets, visiting the Archeological Museum and the Aeolian Volcano exhibition, the cathedral and the beautiful square and church of Marina Corta.


Fossa delle Felci: Hike up to the top of Mt. Fossa delle Felci, an ancient volcanic crater hidden in vegetation within a Nature Reserve (962m). There are several trails that criss-cross the mountain and go to the various towns of Salina.

Lingua: A nice walk along the scenic road that goes from the port of Santa Marina to the coastal town of Lingua, about 3km.

Monte Porro: Excursion up to Mt. Porro (860m), hiking among native vegetation, bushes and trees, cactus and caper plants.


Cala Junco: Ancora near the bay of Cala Junco and reach the beach by dingy, there is a small stone staircase up to a prehistoric village on a small penisula at the Pt. Milazzesse.

Punta del Corvo: Trail up to the highest point of Panarea, Pt. del Corvo (421m), for an amazing view.

The city of Panarea: Stroll among the quaint streets of the island, with no street lamps and only electric vehicles.


Eruzione: Amazing hike up to the top of the active volcano, a guide is absolutely required, about 2/3 hours up reaching the summit at sunset, time to admire the explosions and then back down.

The city of Stromboli: Stroll among the narrow street of the town, with no street lamps and only electric vehicles.

Strombolicchio: Staircase up to the top of the small island of Strombolicchio, for a nice view of Stromboli.


Capo Graziano: Hike to the Cape Graziano, among ancient wall ruins and view a neolithic village, abandoned mill wheels, and native vegetation.

Fossa Felci: Excursion in the nature reserve of Fossa Felci (774m), among old walls and native vegetation.


Filo d'Arpa: Incredible hike up the old mule paths with steps leading up to the top of the island of Alicudi, Filo d'Arpa, for a beautiful view point of the other Aeolian Islands.

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