Aegadian Islands yacht charter holiday

Favignana, Levanzo, Marettimo

Aegadian Islands sailboat catamaran powerboat yacht charter holiday

A very popular charter destination in Sicily is the Aegadian Island Archipelago. The Aegadian Islands, known as the Isole Egadi in Italian, are: Favignana, Levanzo and Marettimo.

The Aegadian Islands are famous for their extensive natural Marine Reserve (since 1992) and for Tuna. At the end of May the island of Favignana holds a festival called the mattanza, where Tuna are captured using traditional methods. It is the only mattanza that remains in all of Sicily. The meat of the Thunnus thynnus, also known as the true tuna or pink tuna, is of very high quality.

The Aegadian Islands:

Favignana: the largest of the archipelago, with beautiful bays with turquoise crystal clear waters. In addition to swimming in the calm waters and enjoying the white sandy beaches one can visit the lively city and the Tonnara Museum.

Levanzo: the smallest island, with many small bays and unique beaches. Don't miss the grotto of Genovese with ancient cave paintings.

Marettimo: the furthest west of the archipelago, the least developed and uncontaminated, with breathtaking views of the other islands from hiking trails that criss-cross the island.

The Marine Nature Reserve of the Aegadian islands is divided into four zones:

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These islands are located off the west coast of Sicily. The main bases for the Aegadian Islands are: Marsala, Trapani and Palermo. The closest airports are found at Palermo and Trapani. The airport of Trapani is located between the Sicilian towns of Marsala and Trapani, and it takes 30 minutes to get from the airport to Trapani to the north, or Marsala to the south.

yacht charter boat rental aegadian islands


yacht charter boat rental aegadian islands


yacht charter boat rental aegadian islands


yacht charter boat rental aegadian islands

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